AbOriginal Theatre, the theatre arm of AbOriginal Productions, returned with its latest theatrical installment, Fractures. AbOriginal Productions Nigeria Limited is a Nigeria-based production company focused on documenting and narrating Nigerian culture through theatre, television, film and music. AbOriginal Productions promotes positive domestic and international cultural associations using audiovisual and theatrical entertainment content of, by and from the Nigerian experience, for domestic and international audiences.

Following its 2010 success, Fractures returned again to kick off 2017 with a cast that included such versatile and accomplished actors as Gideon Okeke, Patrick Diabuah, Funmi Eko Ezeh, Ropo Ewenla, Beverly Naya, and Tunji Sotimirin, as well as one of Nigeria’s foremost directors, Kenneth Uphopho, and a highly-skilled technical team.

They all came together seamlessly to create a thought-provoking and fully entertaining dramatic work. Fractures is an authentically Nigerian adaptation of A View From The Bridge, Arthur Miller’s classic study of cultural conflict and emotional self-discovery. In Fractures, AbOriginal Theatre spun a compelling tale of colliding worlds and the loss of control.

At its core provocative but inoffensive, thought-provoking but exoteric, Fractures, is a careful balance of drama and comedy that explores familiar and socially relevant issues that resonate with audiences through an entertaining platform and captivating performances. Fractures received coverage by and positive reviews from Mnet’s Studio 53 as well from a number of Nigerian media outlets, including This Day, NEXT, Punch, and Compass newspapers, and Channels, Galaxy, and Silverbird television stations.

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