Actress Raghda on stage at Miami Theatre performing Mother Courage. Photo: Artistic Theatre House

Actress Raghda on stage at Miami Theatre performing Mother Courage. Photo: Artistic Theatre House

The play El-Om El-Shogaa (Mother Courage) opened in Miami Theatre in Cairo on 4 September.

The play by German poet, dramatist and director Bertolt Brecht is directed by Mohamed Omar and stars Egyptian actress Raghda, Alaa Qouta, Safaa Galal, Amr Othman, Ahmed Abo Emeira, Ahmed Mostafa and Nada Samir.

The play, first performed in 1941, is about ‘Mother Courage,’ who with her canteen cart and three children is determined to earn her living and profit from the Thirty Years War of 1618 –1648.

It is widely considered one of Brecht’s best works, an anti-war play that uses irony and his technique of Verfremdungseffekt (estrangement) to tackle themes of morality and virtue in wartime.

The Egyptian professor of theatrical arts Nehad Selaiha wrote in Al-Ahram Weekly that “in 1963, Brecht was first introduced in Egypt with a production of his The Exception and the Rule [directed by Farouk El-Demerdash] at the elitist Pocket Theatre – a somewhat ironic detail since his plays were specifically intended for the masses and the working class.”

The play, among other works by Brecht, has been performed many times in Egypt, most notably at the Hanager Theatre in 2005 under the direction of Amr Qabil.

This latest version of the play has music by Attia Mahmoud, scenography by Mohamed Hashem, costumes by Maha Abdelrahman and choreography by Mohamed Abdel-Sabour.

The play opened 4 September, running daily at 9.30pm. Tuesday and Wednesday are off for Eid Holidays, and closing date is yet to be announced.

Miami Theatre, 38 Talaat Harb Street, next to Cinema Miami, Downtown Cairo.

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