The French

“The French” is Krzysztof Warlikowski’s latest theatrical expedition in search of the roots of present-day Europe’s mentality and identity. Its starting point is Marcel Proust’s monumental novel, “In Search of Lost Time,” which depicts a society in upheaval, shaken by the erosion of the old hierarchy, rampant antisemitism, and, above all, by the outbreak of the Great War. Channeling Gilles Deleuze’s remark that “the only dead who return are those whom one has buried too quickly and too deeply,” Warlikowski invokes Proust to reflect on the condition of today’s Europe, ironically encapsulated by the French people a century ago—explaining the play’s thought-provoking title. TWO DAYS ONLY! 23 May 2 pm EST (NY) until 25 May 2020 2 am EST (NY)

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