Caranissa Djatmiko

Caranissa Djatmiko
regional managing editor - Indonesia

Caranissa Djatmiko currently works as an Editorial Assistant at Indonesia Expat. She regularly contributes to other local media on arts and culture. She is expected to pursue her Master’s Degree at King’s College London with the major Cultural and Creative Industries in 2017.

Li Cunxin, The Ballet Star Who Could Never Really Leave The Stage

Chinese-Australian dancer Li Cunxin has been enjoying his long yet productive retirement for years, and he has chosen to trade his ballet shoes for traveling across the world to teach young talents and be a motivational speaker. After an 18 year absence, the ballet star who came into prominence during the height of Mao’s cultural revolution finally made his stage comeback. One fine morning in September, I had the opportunity to observe a ballet workshop. I was told that it was a masterclass that was going to be led by a prolific dancer. Yet, for some reason, it still...

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Iswadi Pratama, An Auteur of Indonesian Theatre

Indonesia’s foremost theatre director, the internationally acclaimed Iswadi Pratama, staged an extraordinary eight productions in 2016. There is no simple way of describing Iswadi Pratama. He claims to be a self-taught artist, yet his exceptional talents seem to suggest otherwise. Having spent most of his life bringing realities to the stage he insists that he only has the books he reads (stacked quite untidily at his private library) and the mentors who have guided him in the past to thank. Yet, after staging eight ambitious productions in 2016, it would be hard to dispute the fact that he has...

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Suzuki Company of Toga (SCOT) Summer Season Puts Indonesian Theatre On The Map

This year marked Indonesia’s debut at SCOT Summer Season in Japan, as director Iswadi Pratama leads his theatre community Teater Satu to the international festival in Toga. But did the festival impress as much as its illustrious venue did? It was Indonesia’s first time attending the Suzuki Company of Toga (SCOT) Summer Season, Japan’s oldest international theatre festival that has been around for the past four decades. Theatre director Iswadi Pratama was selected by the Japan Foundation to take his group Teater Satu to the festival’s 41st anniversary. I tagged along. The Lampung-based theatre community departed from Jakarta on August 27, hopping on...

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Teater Satu: Redefining Indonesian Theatre

The arrival of Teater Satu has reoriented the focus of Indonesian theatre which was before considered too ‘Java-centric.’ Originating from Bandar Lampung in Sumatra, the group has led the way for theatre communities across the nation through performances that foster social change.   “Theatre is a way of life, a pathway that should be crossed by the people towards a better life,” suggested founder and director of Teater Satu, Iswadi Pratama. When Pratama and his wife Imas Sobariah first built Teater Satu in 1996, they struggled with the reality that most theatre groups were not even aware of the significant...

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