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With "My Self in That Moment" Chamber Made Gives Us a Dystopian View of Our Lost Soul in the Digital Age Review: My Self in That Moment, directed by Tamara Saulwick for Chamber Made. In his visionary essay published almost a century ago, Walter Benjamin...
20th September 2022, Miriama Young Australia, Design, Musical Theatre, Review, Transmedia
A Blast from the Past: Les Champignons de Paris by La Compagnie du Caméléon On June 13, 2022, I spoke with Guillaume Gay, who is operational and artistic director of the French Polynesia-based La...
15th September 2022, Lara Cox Interview, Oceania, Producing, Theatre and Decolonization
Belvoir’s "Tell Me I’m Here" Looks at the Impact of Mental Illness on the Whole Family. It is a Wrenching and Beautiful Work. Review: Tell Me I’m Here, directed by Leticia Cáceres, Belvoir. Released in 1991, the memoir Tell Me I’m Here remains a...
19th September 2022, Michelle Arrow Adaptation, Australia, Review, Theatre and Disability
A Production to Satisfy Sydney’s Darkest Imaginings: Sydney Theatre Company’s "Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" Review: Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, directed by Kip Williams for Sydney Theatre Company With their new production,...
13th September 2022, Huw Griffiths Acting, Adaptation, Australia, Review
With "The Tenant of Wildfell Hall" at The Sydney Theatre Company Gives Us a Brontë Adaptation for Our Moment Review: The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, directed by Jessica Arthur for the Sydney Theatre Company “You know when it’s the autumn...
29th July 2022, Vanessa Smith Adaptation, Australia, Review, Theatre and Gender
In Finucane & Smith’s "Future. Joy. Club." the Joy is Much More Than the Sum of Its Parts Review: Future. Joy. Club., Finucane & Smith The theatre of the occasion starts with a selfie-seat at the foot of the...
3rd August 2022, Chris Thompson Acting, Australia, Melbourne, Musical Theatre, Review
Comic Anticlimax in Nat Randall and Anna Breckon’s "Set Piece" Review: Set Piece, by Nat Randall and Anna Breckon, for Rising. Nat Randall and Anna Breckon’s Set Piece explores female intimacy...
16th July 2022, Sarah Balkin Australia, LGBTQ Theatre, Melbourne, Review, Transmedia
"Anything & Everything" Gives Us a Glance Into the Lives Teenagers are Constructing Online Review: Anything & Everything, Platform Arts, infinity ensemble for Rising. Anything & Everything reminds me of a rite of passage we...
29th June 2022, Thuy Tran Australia, Review, Theatre for Young Audiences, Transmedia




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