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New York

2021 Flying Start For Human Rights Art Festival

First of the block is ‘Human Freedom 2021- A Theater for Human Rights Campaign’. This initiative is spearheaded by newly-appointed 2021 IHRAF International Fellow, Alessandro Lenzi. It is organized through a global collaboration between Raizes Teatro (Palermo), International Human Rights Art Festival (NYC), Avant – Garde Lawyers (Paris), and Global Campus of Human Rights (Venice). Alessandro Lenzi is the Director of Raizes Teatro. The Last Era, a play written by Alessandro Ienzi will be one of the features of the campaign.

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Interview: Em Weinstein Discusses “SOLDIERGIRLS”

For theater, I like to give myself constraints. So for this, the constraint was that I wanted to write this for two people, partially because I love 2-person plays. There aren’t enough of them, and also, they’re so much more producible, and it’s amazing to watch two people pull something off, so I gave myself that challenge. It sort of opened up the door for me in terms of what the piece was going to be like stylistically – I wanted it to be a bunch of different genres and I wanted it to be ironic and funny and also heartfelt at the same time. That was all sort of outside-in thinking about this piece which isn’t always how it is, but helped me get into it. The more I worked on it, the more I have fallen in love with the characters and their story, but it frankly came about by thinking about the structure itself, and what I wanted to play to feel like and how I wanted it to be formed versus what it was actually going to be – form then content rather than the other way around.

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