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Los Angeles

“Les Miz And Friends: A Puppet Parody” At The Hudson Theatre Is An Absolutely Hysterical Delight.

The press for the show promises audience interaction and improv but the way both are utilized here is utterly impressive.  In three of those many “Master of the House” reprises, Flati and Makarayk sing songs about three members of the audience who have volunteered and base their verses off of the volunteers entirely.    This is a talented cast of truly funny people who can really, really sing.  And if you are a fan of any Muppet-inspired vehicle, it’s hard not to be jealous of those three volunteers for they get to interact with such beautifully crafted characters. 

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“All My Sons” at The Lounge Theatre

With a President in the White House whose ethics seem to be in question on an hourly, if not daily, basis and the tragic recent Boeing crashes taking the lives of hundreds of people for no clear reason other than one that saved the company money, it’s little wonder that Arthur Miller’s “All My Sons” might be of interest.  Gary Lee Reed directs the Wasatch Theatrical Ventures presentation of the play at The Lounge Theatre in Hollywood, CA and as he states in his note in the program “the devastating impact of lies and denial are often never exposed… until it’s too late.”  With the revelation of these lies and the inevitable betrayals they engender, Mr. Reed oversees a talented cast but there are questions about the emotional depths and lengths to which they go to shed light on this complex question.

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