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“Happy Days” at the Mark Taper Forum – Sorrow Keeps Breaking In

For the most part, Ms. Wiest seems to place Winnie’s voice at the upper end of the vocal range giving her a light, airy, pitched tone that all but says, ‘I mean no harm’.  When the emotion takes the character or the story turns on her unexpectedly, a sudden drop into her lower register is more impactful than a sea of tears could ever be and it makes us feel for this poor character that Beckett has trapped in a mound of what feels like years of disappointment.

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“The Last Day of the Sun” at In Scena

Brave Actress Chiara Buratti has a perfect command of the text, performed completely in Italian. Sometimes in a green camouflage shirt, she finds herself, like a modern dancer, rooted into the floor, pacing through the space, finding gesture after gesture.  At times, the piece has a precision that is alarming.  Like a serpent striking at exactly the right prey, the words sting.  Discussions of revenge, intermixed with revelations about one’s first love or finding the feminine, are delivered in a freshly recalled sequence of events, with a quick-witted revelation.

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 Mass Opera’s Production Of “Die Fledermaus” Is The Life Of The Party

She begins the opera as an uptight TV star concerned with looking perfect, annoyed with her husband for messing with her image. As Orlofsky’s party unfolds, she enters as the mysterious belle of the ball, determined to catch her husband red handed in his infidelity. Ultimately, she engages in a high-energy argument with Einstein resulting in her commitment to being more present rather than so concerned with her image.  

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