“Privacy:” The Impact Of The Digital Revolution On Private Life

Inspired by the Edward Snowden case, James Graham’s Privacy shows us the consequences of living life online where everything we share can be used by governments and corporations that monitor our information without being aware of it. Written by James Graham and Josie Rourke, it was launched in London in 2014, and then it was performed in New York in 2016, with Daniel Radcliffe in the leading role. Nowadays it is performing in Mexico City starring Diego Luna and Luis Gerardo Méndez, who alternate roles, along with eight actors on stage, in a magnificent multimedia production directed by Francisco Franco,...

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“A Special Day” by Ettore Scola-Pure Theatrical Plot

A Special Day is based on the 1977 film Una Giornata Particolare by Ettore Scola, starring Sophia Loren and Marcelo Mastroianni. It was adapted to the theater in 1983 by Scola himself and since then it has performed in different stages around the world. It is currently showing in Mexico City and touring around the country with great success, performed by Edith González and Luis Felipe Tovar. The action takes place on May 6, 1938, a celebration day for fascist Italy, which turns to the reception of Adolf Hitler on his first visit to Rome to meet Benito Mussolini. Almost...

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A Mexican Rendition Of Schmitt’s “Enigma Variations”

After a successful run at the Teatro Jorge Negrete since February 2017, Variaciones Enigmaticas is currently playing at the Teatro Sogem Wilberto Cantón in Mexico. It was produced by Sergio Gabriel, under the direction of Manuel González Gil (also currently directing Made In Mexico). Variaciones Enigmáticas is a rendition of Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt’s Enigma Variations, which was first performed in 1996 and starred Alain Delon and Francis Huster. In turn, Schmitt’s drama pays homage to composer Edward Elgar’s musical composition popularly known as Enigma Variations, which he composed between October 1898 and February 1899 and titled Variations On An Original, Theme...

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The Inability to Fill the Void: Eduardo Orozco’s “Asatia”

  Premise: The protagonist in Eduardo Orozco’s play Asatia discovers that dedicating one’s life to designing and achieving goals does not guarantee happiness. Strolling with my son after a delectable meal at Luciferina on Colonia Juárez in Mexico City, we found ourselves facing a small storefront with a sign “El Milagro.” It occurred to me that it must be the press that publishes so many of the film scripts and plays occupying a prominent place on my bookshelves in Buffalo, NY. Inside we found not only a bookstore and a bar but also a small black box theatre in the...

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“When There Were Grenades In November” At Casa Musa In Monterrey

Leticia Huijara’s theatrical piece When There Were Grenades In November is being presented at Casa Musa, in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, under the direction of Carlos Gueta and with the hilarious performances of Vicky de la Piedra and Ivancho Esquivel. This play won the dramaturgy prize “Víctor Hugo Rascón Banda” in 2014. This magnificent “mise-en-scene” gives us a glance of one of the most painful criminal realities in Mexico’s present-days: kidnapping, the practice of organized crime that has caused many families to experience harrowing situations and also shows a symptom of the political, economic, social, and cultural problems of...

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The Inability to Fill the Void: Eduardo Orozco’s “Asatia” at El Milagro Theatre

Given that in Eduardo Orozco’s play, Asatia, the protagonist discovers that dedicating one’s life to designing and achieving meticulously calculated goals does not guarantee happiness, it is quite fitting that we accidentally chanced upon the theater where the play was being performed. Strolling with my son after a delectable meal at Luciferina on Colonia Juárez in Mexico City, we found ourselves facing a small storefront with a sign “El Milagro.” I thought it must be the press that publishes so many of the film scripts and plays already on my book shelves in Buffalo, NY. Without hesitating I suggested...

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“Julius Caesar”: Ambition, Power, Death, Freedom, and Hypocrisy.

Icaro Compañía Teatral in Mexico presents Julius Caesar the adaptation of the work of William Shakespeare, which tells the story of the Roman Emperor after ending the war with Pompey, when Caesar reaches the power and on his hands is the weight of an entire empire, causing it to fall the Republic. Casio and Brutus, two nobles who defend freedom, will conjure to end the life of the totalitarian leader just two years after Caesar reaches the glory. It will be Marco Antonio, with a speech loaded with hypocrisy and demagogy, that tries to calm the masses, who cry against...

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To Stay or Not to Stay? That is The Question Posed by “Made in Mexico”

  Made in Mexico, an adaptation of Made in Lanús (1986) by Argentinian writer Nelly Fernández Tiscornia, has been playing to full house at Cartelera de Teatro in Mexico City since 2013. The play’s success, evinced by its more than 1000 performances can be attributed to both its seasoned actors as well as to the timeless topics of migration, love for one’s family and the motherland, as well as the human desire to find a better way of life. The play reunites two couples who have not seen each other in 30 years, and the drama unfolds in Yoli...

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“The Game We All Play” at Teatro Milán

The Game We All Play is composed of a series of sketches that have comedic, tragic, and even melodramatic undertones, but which mostly parody all of these genres. Perhaps because of its irreverent tone—but also because if makes the actors as well the audience reflect upon their respective lives and the current political circumstances—the piece has been performed intermittently all over Mexico, and especially by university students, since its debut in the 1970s. Producer Jesús González was part of the cast directed by Gonzalo Correa in the 1970s and functioned as an assistant director of an adaptation in the...

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“Minutes Flow”: An Ontological Search Through One’s Grandmother

Los minutos se vierten (Minutes Flow), an experimental theater/dance piece, is showing at Teatro Sergio Magaña in Mexico City from September 27 until October 26, 2016. The play is a collective creation based on a text by Carolina Estrada and directed by Adrián Asdrúbal Galindo Vega. Members of the cast include Alejandra Díaz, Gabriela del Río, Marisol Paredes, Yollotl Manzur, Natalia Alanis, and Iván Caldera Álvarez. The play dramatizes an ontological search through the grandmother. A group of men and women narrate—via music, dance, videos, and theatrical language—their relationship with their respective grandmothers. They use a direct and honest...

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Theatre Performed in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Demonios: las huellas del dolor (Demons: The Traces of Pain), written by  Ingrid Águila, and directed by Luis Santillán, is part of the Movement of Intimate Theatre Made for Apartments created by Javier Villanova in 2011 in Mexico. One of the movement’s main goals is to turn any space into a theatrical space. Thus the actors will perform in any inhabited space where they are invited. They perform for small audiences to be able to exchange “an honest glance, a word, a whisper that will create a connection” between the actors and their audience. Every week the plays move to...

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“Mamá te voy a demandar” (Mother, I’m Going to Sue You) at Teatro Milan

Mamá te voy a demandar  (Mother, I’m Going to Sue You) Will be showing at Teatro Milan in Foro Lucerna between September 5 and November 22, 2016 Author: Alberto Castillo Director: Gema Aparicio Cast: Emoé de la Parra and Alpha Acosta A comedy about the complicated relation between mothers and daughters. The play explores why, despite their intimacy, this particular mother/daughter duo has problems understanding each other. In part, their relation is at odds because they are the products of different value systems. The mother is a revolutionary hippie in favor of free love, while her daughter is a...

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Emilio Carballido’s play “Yo también hablo de la rosa” Coming to Washington D.C.

Showing at the Teatro Hispano GALA in Washington, D.C. from February 2nd until the 26th, 2017 and the performances will take place Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8p.m. and Sundays at 2p.m. A simultaneous translation will be projected on a screen for viewers who do not speak Spanish. The play will be directed by Hugo Medrano. The play is a postmodern piece—written by one of Mexico’s foremost playwright, Emilio Carballido (1925-2008), and translated into English in 1971 by William I. Oliver—that depicts the lives of the socially downtrodden in Mexico City in 1960s. The central issue around which the...

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“En las montañas azules” (In the Blue Mountains) at Foro Shakespeare

En las montañas azules (In the Blue Mountains) Showing at the Foro Shakespeare in Mexico from June 6 until August 29 Director: Emmanuel Morales Playwright: Edgar Chías Cast: Francesca Guillén, Alfredo Gatica, Diego Cooper, Sheyla Ferrera, Rodrigo Ruíz, Luis F. Padilla, Antonella, Bárbara Falconi, Mariana Trejo, Caribe Álvarez y Cayetano Aramburo A drama about the negative consequences of the ecological footprint we all leave behind. What prevails in a planet without food and water is the selfishness of beings unable to realize that to destroy others means to destroy themselves. The play condemns the misguided individualism of the characters...

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“Remedios para Leonora” by Estela Leñero

Remedios for Leonora, by Estela Leñero, is showing at the Círculo Teatral in Condesa. México, from July 13 until August 31 under the direction of Gema Aparicio. Cast: Gabriela Betancourt and Diana Sedano The play evokes the imagined lives of two surrealist artists: Remedios Varo (1908-1963) and Leonora Carrington (1917-2011). Leonora has conjured up Remedios and now they find themselves within a dream from which they are trying to escape. In their search for a way out they relive moments from the past which confirm their friendship or return to experiences of insanity and exile. They also come across characters...

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