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Two dancers are on the ground on a bare stage. Their image is projected onto the back wall. Sensing Others through Dancing Bodies as Data: Review of Sense Datum by UBIN DANCE In this day and age, the word data evokes preconceived images of algorithms, artificial intelligence, and big data, especially as...
26th November 2023, Soo Ryon Yoon Review, South Korea, Theatre and Dance
Protestors at IIT Bombay demand firing of theatre professor for screening film on Palestine/Israel (8 November 2023). Reflections On Teaching Israel/Palestine in The Theatre Studies Classroom What is the task of a humanities education? The following incident, which recently took place in India, offers us much material...
22nd November 2023, Sruti Bala and Rashna D. Nicholson Education, India, Theatre and Politics
Tanya Katyal and Aaron Gill in The Empress. Photo: Ellie Kurttz Tanika Gupta’s "The Empress" at the Lyric Hammersmith: Epic RSC History Play Tackles Race and Empire Anniversaries are great moments for reassessment. Ten years ago, the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) first staged Tanika Gupta’s enjoyably epic...
18th October 2023, Aleks Sierz India, London, Review, Theatre and Decolonization, Theatre and Politics, United Kingdom
Assam’s First Female Freedom Fighter, Shot a Century Ago, Rediscovered Onstage Mangri Orang, a tea plantation worker, was gunned down by British security personnel in 1921 for leading a fight against...
20th September 2023, The Hindu India, News, Theatre and Decolonization, Theatre and Gender, Worldwide
How Urdu Theater Is Reaching Out to New Audiences The Hoshruba Repertory Theatre Festival, which begins on September 12 at Prithvi Theatre in Mumbai, will celebrate the art form...
14th September 2023, Narenda Kusnur Festivals, India, News
Paul Bazely and Hiran Abeysekera in The Father and the Assassin. Photo: Marc Brenner Anupama Chandrasekhar’s "The Father And The Assassin" At The National Theatre: Vastly Compelling And Darkly Comic History Play About Indian Independence Nobodies who kill somebodies: let’s make a list. Okay, there’s Lee Harvey Oswald (JFK), James Earl Ray (MLK) and Mark...
19th September 2023, Aleks Sierz Documentary Theatre, India, Review, Theatre and Politics, United Kingdom
Writing Using. Photo: KNCDC ⓒAiden Hwang "Writing Using:" Framing the Body’s Process of Liberation Through Contemporary Dance Writing Using is the most recent work by Ahn Aesoon, one of the most renowned contemporary dancers and choreographers in...
9th September 2023, Walter Byongsok Chon Review, South Korea, Theatre and Dance
Edinburgh International Festival 2023: "Trojan Women" By The National Theatre Of Korea There are multiple ways to admire this production of a Greek classic, directed by Singaporean Ong Keng Sen for the...
16th August 2023, Duška Radosavljević Edinburgh 2023, Review, Scotland, South Korea




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