Prototype 2018

“Black Inscription” – A New Multimedia Love Song Cycle Premieres at Prototype

“To dive we must forget the surface fuss… Ignore all surface fuss.. Ignore the surface…” –From Jump Blue, text by Hannah Silva Black Inscription, a new multimedia love song cycle to the ocean composed by the talented team of Carla Kihlstedt, Matthias Bossi, and Jeremy Flower that had its NYC premiere at the HERE Arts Center January 11, is an immersive experience of the undersea world that plunges the audience into the beauty and desolation found in the depths of our oceans. Part documentary and part rock opera, it uses videos, music, sound, and imagery to evoke a world...

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“Acquanetta” – A New Film Noire Opera at Prototype Festival

Of the two reviewers, Waters saw Captive Wild Woman, the movie the opera is based on, the morning before the performance. LaFever went into the performance without seeing Captive Wild Woman. The result is two profoundly different audience experiences. WATERS: Michael Gordon, the composer, and Deborah Artman, the librettist of Acquanetta, based the opera on a three-minute scene from Captive Wild Woman, a 1940s horror movie. The potential for fun and camp of Captive Wild Woman is ruined due to the shocking way the circus animals on the set are treated. One example of many scenes of animal mistreatment...

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“Iyov” Premieres At The Prototype Festival

When a show begins I find it difficult for me to be present. Almost, as if, I’m like entertain me, peasants! Iyov, the Hebrew word for Job, described as an opera-requiem, played four shows at HERE Arts Center. I admit I was not engaged, but then the lights turned red, and the sounds got louder, it grated my ears. Actually, not just my ears, but the two audience members in front of me also covered their ears during that loudness that resembled nails scratching on a chalkboard or the screams of the dead in the underworld? It was actually traumatic....

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“Fellow Travelers”: A Prototype for Contemporary Opera

As the theatre world pushes boundaries and redefines genres, it has become exceedingly rare to find stories that justify the high art distinction of “Opera” and yet, Fellow Travelers which opened January 12th at the Gerald W. Lynch Theater as a part of the Prototype Festival does just that. With a score by composer Gregory Spears and libretto by Greg Pierce, this tragic Opera begins its story with two feet firmly on the ground and moves unapologetically forward through the final curtain. Fellow Travelers centers its story on the affair of Timothy Laughlin, a Reporter and Hawkins Fuller a...

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